Strategic Enrollment Planning

Strategic Enrollment Management Matrix

The Strategic Enrollment Management Matrix is a comprehensive process framework for developing or evaluating strategies, capacities and operational initiatives designed to achieve and maintain the optimum alignment between an institution’s strategies, curriculum, policies and practices and the learning needs and requirements emanating from learners active in the global learning market sphere. The framework guides the planning process toward developing academic and enrollment strategies, tactics, goals and objectives.

The 7 Learner-Centered Questions

  1. What are the demographics of the learners an institution seeks to serve?
  2. What objectives do those learners seek to achieve? What objectives must be delivered to be credible in the marketplace?
  3. What learning opportunities are available from the global learning environment? In other words what is in the Market?
  4. What teaching and learning methods are available to help specific learners, seeking specific objectives, within a competitive learning marketplace achieve their intended learning outcomes.
  5. What is the overall curriculum architecture?
  6. What is the configuration of the specific programmatic curriculum (POS)?
  7. What learner services are necessary to enable a learner to successfully complete the selected POS?

The 7 Dimensions of an SEM Structure

  1. Strategic (alignment of resources, market, need)
  2. Academic (curricular, academic policy, research)
  3. Recruitment (marketing, outreach, CRM, conversion and yield)
  4. Retention (completion to learners objective)
  5. Operations (management, integration, coordination, optimization)
  6. Policy (federal, state, accreditation, BOT)
  7. Analytics (cause effect, systems, monitoring, analysis)

SEM Cross Impact Matrix

SEM Matrix 00

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