Master Academic Plan

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MGDA encourages the development of a strategy enabling academic plan The Academic Plan is the center of any Strategic Plan for an Institution of Higher Education. At once it translates institutional mission and vision into action and establishes its own strategic terms and conditions for the development of all things academic.

Master Academic Plan (Graphic)

The outline below can appear daunting at first glance. Remember all of these elements are currently and in some way already in play and underway. The Academic Plan in this context is collecting all of the various pieces, aligning them and reviewing their intent and impact based upon assumptions about the future and the strategic direction desired.

Annotated Topical Outline

  • Academic Missions, Visions and Strategies
    This is where the four foundational strategies are interpreted into an academic plan through a recursive and iterative structured dialog.

    • Develop to Align With and Support Institutional Mission and Strategies
      • Change the Paradigm
      • Focus Upon Value
      • Develop Capacity
      • Make Everything Count
    • Scope, Sphere, Strategy
    • Mission, Vision, Strategic Position
    • Approach to 7 Learner-Centered Questions
    • Defined academic capacities
  • Academic Philosophies
    Learning serves many purposes. This is where the various philosophies that guide learning systems and curricula are recognized to drive design of the academic enterprise

  • Curriculum Architecture
    This is where the structural elements of the curriculum are documented, and further developed that enable achieving the institutional and academic missions and visions

    • Programs of Study by Credential
    • Content Design Models
    • Content Delivery Models
    • Calendar Models
    • Schedule Models
    • Business Models
    • Assessment Models
  • Entity Strategies (choose all that apply)
    This is where the academic organizational strategies are developed and various academic entities articulate their specific strategies, plans and …

    • Academic Organization
    • School
    • College
    • Division
    • Department
  • Academic Policies
    • Curriculum (POS, Academic Progress, Design, Development)
    • Admissions
    • Student Handbook
    • Faculty Handbook
    • Financial Planning and Budgeting
    • Human Subjects
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies
    • High Performance Learning Environment
    • Embedded Learning Assessment
    • Learning Network Mapping
  • Alignment Strategies
    • Learner-Centered Foundations Plan
    • Strategic Enrollment Management Plan
    • Digital Learning Environment Plan
    • Institutional Effectiveness Plan

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