Michael G. Dolence and Associates provides a variety of consulting services to the higher education community including institutions, systems, vendors, state and federal entities and agencies, associations, and organizations. Within these pages you will find a great deal about our methods, tools, and processes delivering value to our clients.

Strategy Development Services

  • Crisis Response and Institutional Rescue
  • Accreditation Issues and Initial Accreditation Process
  • Institutional Transformation, Revitalization and Renewal
  • Academic Strategies (i.e. Programs, curriculum, SEM, assessment …)

Strategic Planning Services

  • Curriculum-Centered Institutional Strategic Planning
  • Guided Mission Review
  • Guided Strategy, Goal and Objective Development
  • Rapid Prototype Strategic Plan Development
  • Introduction to Learner-Centered Approaches

Academic Planning Services

  • Academic Strategic/Master Plan Development
  • Curriculum Architecture Development, Review and/or Audit
  • Curriculum Prototype Development
  • Programs Of Study; Development and Revitalization

Strategic Enrollment Planning & Management Services

  • SEM Program Review and/or Audit
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Strategic Enrollment Planning
  • Recruitment (Undergraduate, Graduate, International, Program)
  • Retention