Future Proofing Your Strategic Plan, January 2016



January 20-22, 2016, Claremont California

The design of the Institute for Future Proofing Your Strategic Plan, 2016 recognizes that strategic plans developed under a 20th century paradigm and context do not adequately prepare institutions for the realities of the emerging global digital learning ecosystem.

Eventbrite - Institute for Academic Strategic Enrollment Management and Sustainability

There is mounting evidence that the condition of higher education grows more ominous. (Higher Education: Apocalypse Now?) One thing has become crystal clear — no more business or planning as usual. The Institute focuses upon the process of Future Proofing a Strategic Plan, detailing 10 vital planning initiatives required to prepare for the future to achieve fiscal and enrollment sustainability.

  1. Future Proof your Strategic Plan (The Importance of a Prototype and how to do one quickly)
  2. Revitalize the Academic Master Plan
  3. Engage Academic SEM Integrated Planning
  4. Develop and Implement Academic Program SEM Initiatives
  5. Revitalize CORE/GE Curriculum
  6. Refocus and enhance Strategic Position Strategies
  7. Optimize Resources
  8. Develop Capacity
  9. Solidify an Institutional Effectiveness System to Inculcate an Integrated IE Quality Culture
  10. Accelerate action, make room for the work

Academic leaders must plan to meet the challenges and opportunities of higher education as it is carried into the future by the paradigm shift to a global digital learning ecosystem. Without a Strategic Plan and Master Academic Plan that are aligned with future realities, institutions are powerless to forging near, mid, and long term strategies for enrollment and fiscal health of colleges, schools and programs.

Who Should Attend

The Institute is designed for institutional and academic leaders, including board members, presidents, provosts, vice presidents, deans, department chairs, faculty leaders, academic governance officers, interested faculty, accreditation team members, institutional planners, and institutional effectiveness professionals.

Session Summaries

  • Session I: Understanding the emerging global digital learning ecosystem
    The first session opens with building an understanding of the emergence of the digital learning ecosystem and the changes to the rules in education and learning it brings. A survey of the overall changes, the rules and sectors they disrupt and the emerging principles that govern the future will be covered.
  • Session II: Future Proofing Your Strategic Plan
    We begin with the importance of developing a Prototype Strategic Plan as a means of shifting dialog to  framing the future rather than focusing upon the discomfort of change or the disruptions of current or past dynamics. Then we will provide a method to do one quickly.
  • Session III: Academic Master Plan for the New Learning Paradigm
    This session focuses upon the Academic Master Plan (AMP) or as some like to call it a Master Academic Plan (MAP). The AMP is critical to the future because it establishes all of the basic elements of the curriculum’s architecture. It is in the Academic Master Plan where the foundations for the future are established. This session assesses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats emanating from the degree of alignment between architecture, program design, course options, assessment strategies, and curriculum-learner optimization pathways. Particular attention is paid to creating strategic advantage through curriculum architecture revitalization.
  • Session IV: Establishing and Optimization Curricular Value for Market Advantage
    Examines the principles of sustainability and applies them to various curricular scenarios (such as revitalization of the core or general education curriculum, establishing community of practice based programs of study…). Focuses on innovating from where you are with what you have. Emphasis is identifying opportunities and focused implementation.
  • Session V: Understanding Academic and Enrollment Strategies Tactics and Capacities
    Examines basic principles of effective enrollment management, the fit and friction points encountered in academic SEM collaboration. Introduces the tyranny or the synergy of the link, or lack thereof, between academic and SEM calendars and cycles.
  • Session VI: The Academic SEM Plan
    Evaluates and constructs the principles of integrating the Academic Master Plan with the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
  • Session VII: Securing a Strategic Position in the Global Learning Marketplace
    This session focuses upon the assessment of strategic position as informed through six lenses.
  • Session VIII: Optimizing Performance and Institutional Effectiveness
    Examines basic principles of establishing a comprehensive and cohesive system for institutional effectiveness. Identifying and defining capacity requirements and managing workflows and cycles to maximize fiscal and enrollment health.

Eventbrite - Institute for Academic Strategic Enrollment Management and Sustainability

Join us at one or more of our Institutes to more deeply explore critical issues facing higher education and strategies to address them.

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