Academic SEM Cycles Graphic (Review V.1.)

The Academic SEM Community is constantly challenged  to provide clear, concise communications regarding very dense, complicated and confusing processes, concepts and methods. We have begun the systematic development of a family of iconic graphics to help define, explain and develop a deeper understanding within academic communities. The Academic SEM Cycles Graphic (Review V.1.) below is being presented as our next effort. We seek your advice and critical review of the approach, content and usefulness of draft below.

This diagrammatic ‘map’ of five integrated cascading workflows that define Academic Strategic Enrollment Management harken back to London’s first rapid transit network map designed by Harry Beck in 1931.

It has been constructed to do several things:

  1. Identify and illustrate the five integrated cascading workflows that define Academic Strategic Enrollment Management.
  2. Juxtapose the five workflows in one place to provide a framework for viewing them together and understanding that while each have their own characteristics and calendar they must function and flow together to achieve optimum enrollment.
  3. Provide sufficient detail to reflect both the complexity and nature of each workflow and the important functional components of each.
  4. Provide a formal view of the feedbacks and integrative nature (dotted lines) of the five workflows.
  5. Provide a schematic that would enable all workflow participants to find their primary function within the overall Academic SEM framework.
  6. Provide a contextual/graphical representation of the Academic SEM Community of Practice.
  7. Explore ways to communicate the size, complexity, and interconnectedness of the various processes, people and organizational entities involved in the Academic SEM Community of Practice.




Cautions, limits and what it is not designed to do:

  1. This graphic is a work in progress and is not offered as a completed product or representation.
  2. It does not attempt to define Academic SEM Strategies. While it does identify the numerous elements that can be used in strategy definition, development, implementation, and evaluation it does not identify specific strategies.
  3. It does not include all steps and processes in managing the academic enterprise.
  4. It does not show all of the feedback and inform connections between steps along each line.
  5. It is currently in draft form and is offered for review only. It should not be incorporated into any document, presented in any fashion or displayed in any digital platform.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Comments can be entered in the box below this post.


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