SEM Funnel Graphic Suite for Review (Version 2)

This is not the final version (go here to get V4)

Thanks for all of your input to the first draft.

SEM Funnel Graphic Suite for Review (Version 2) is delivered in four diagrams (below).

  • Strategic Enrollment Management Funnel: Is the full complete detailed funnel.
  • SEM Funnel: Recruitment, Provides just the recruitment section.
  • SEM Funnel: Retention, Provides just the retention section (I am considering modifying it to include the retention classification system. Thoughts?)
  • SEM Funnel: Is the simplest collapsed version.

This draft graphic suite is designed to illustrate the SEM Funnel. We would appreciate comments, edits, observations etc. Please feel free to put your comments in the comment box below the post and if you Like these please hit the like button. These will be available for your use after posting to the public. Please do not reuse these until we release them. When using them please do not remove our logo or copyright.

Strategic Enrollment Management Funnel


SEM Funnel: Recruitment


SEM Funnel: Retention


SEM Funnel


2 thoughts on “SEM Funnel Graphic Suite for Review (Version 2)

  1. For a strategic management “tool”, I guess, the agency is external to the institution, which seems back-asswards to me. The agency from the institution should be, if strategic, proactive rather than passive. When I first saw the graphic, I liked it, but then started to really think about what it was communicating. A funnel, yes, but it demonstrates what we all hope will happen to students as they progress through the institution. It does not encourage strategies, nor does it suggest tactics that comprise the strategy. The graphics are lovely and the colors pleasant. But…


    • Dot, Not certain of what the reference to the agency means. The funnel has been used in SEM circles for years to depict the idealized flow of students through the enrollment decision process and then through the curriculum to graduation. It is not intended to reflect a host of strategies but frame the decisions and process to enable a flow reference for guiding strategy building. Program based recruiting, ILA based recruiting, and a wide variety of other approaches uses the simplified flow as reference. The detail in the diagram is not intended to be exhaustive but illustrative and useful in SEM training, communication to a wider less technical audience, and complete enough to impart a real sense of the nature of SEM. The debate over how much detail and complexity is one we struggle with all the time. I certainly agree that SEM professionals need to be proactive and share frustration over a lack of strategic thinking that is far more prevalent in higher education than it should be. – Michael


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