Wanetka by K.A. Dolence

I am very excited to announce the release of my daughters new book.


There once was a little girl with a problem.
A curiosity problem.
You might be friends if you knew her.
You might even be best friends.
She didn’t have a lot of friends.
But that was ok.
She was busy.
Busy exploring.
Busy discovering.
Busy being curious.
She did after all have a curiosity problem.
One day the curiosity got the better of her.
Or maybe she got the better of the curiosity.
She couldn’t help it really.
The butterfly was that beautiful.
That peculiar.
That different.
You see it wasn’t actually the butterfly that was the problem.
It was the following the butterfly that was the problem.
The curiosity.
She was lost before she knew it.
In a forest.
It was possibly a magical forest.
Or it was possibly just an enchanted forest.
The little girl knew there was a difference between the two.
You probably know of the difference too.
Still she was lost.
Or maybe she wasn’t.
Maybe she was right where she was supposed to be.
She couldn’t decide.
She couldn’t tell which it was.
Lost or found.
It’s a good thing then that she was curious.





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