In Memory of Michael G. Dolence

“On August 21st, 2018, we lost Michael G. Dolence to Bile Duct Cancer. Words fail me. He was here and now he is not. He was the very center of our family, woven into every aspect of who my brother and I are as people. He loved our mom with a passion and dedication that isn’t found very often and would be impossible to replicate. His presence has been replaced by an aching emptiness that memories cannot fill. While he would scoff and struggle at the compliment, my father was brilliant. It would be easy to summarize a list of his accomplishments. His impact on higher education and his ideas are felt everywhere whether they are attributed to him or not. That alone should be enough of a legacy. It is not. Should he be remembered for anything it should be for the magic he created. He opened a black and green world of zeroes and ones. He waxed eloquent in Facebook posts transforming them into informative sonnets. He created a forest from a freeway sign.” – Katie Ann Dolence

Michael was a patient at City of Hope in Duarte, California. Please take a minute and support the fight against cancer.

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We will keep this site and its content available as a resource for the foreseeable future. Michael’s passion in life was to help higher education realize its potential for positive change, not only in the United States but globally. We hope his work can and will continue.